We are the voice of a community that opens its arms to everyone and wants to reassure people who may feel powerless or disenfranchised.

Our message is YOU ARE WELCOME HERE, and your existence makes our community great.

Who are you? Who are we?

We are you. People who believe in the good of our community. People who are in fear and need support. People who want to help. People who are in a position to advocate and stand up.

Lansing is—and always has been—a welcoming community. It will continue to be so. Lansing stands for inclusion, and acceptance, and mutual respect.

There are allies here. There are supporters here.

Whoever you are. Wherever you came from, whoever you love, there is a place for you here. No matter your skin tone, or your language, or your gender, or your choice of religion, there is a place for you here.